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Weathering the Storm on a Montana Fly Fishing Ranch

By: Bill McDavid

The middle of last week it was nearly 90 degrees here in Western Montana. That all changed on Friday night while my father, my son and I were camped on the Missouri River for a mulch-generational fishing trip on the river and a few other Montana fly fishing ranches along the east front.


Mother Nature decided to dish it out Montana-style with big winds and rain amidst temperatures in the low forties. Despite getting soaked to the bone and losing nearly all motor functions because of the cold we managed to land some huge fish.



We have dozens of amazing Montana properties for sale, including several topnotch fly fishing ranches for those who doesn’t mind weathering the storm from time to time.


Montana’s IX Ranch Inspires Yahoo! Yodeler, Wylie Gustafson

Singer, songwriter, rancher, horseman, and the original, world-famous Yahoo!® yodeler, Wylie Gustafson has been creatively inspired by Montana for most of his life. He is a real life cowboy born into a 4th generation ranching family on the empty sprawl of Northern Montana.   As Cowboys and Indians magazine puts it, “Wylie has established himself as the first giant of the new pantheon that will inherit, preserve, and enhance the Western music tradition.”

In this video Wylie sings a song about working  Montana ranches and specifically his experiences on  IX Ranch, a huge legacy ranch with a long history of ownership and an impeccable reputation in ranch country. The current owners are the second owners in the ranch’s 126 year history. It runs a cattle herd of 4,300 and  covers more than 126,000 acres.  The IX has accommodations for a full crew and comfortable quarters for guests. It  boasts sizable populations of elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, mountain lion and five species of upland birds.

IX Ranch from Hall and Hall on Vimeo.

Fall is in the Air: Life on a Rocky Mountain Ranch

By: B Elfland

As I step outside my Montana home in the early morning, the wonder of early autumn in the Northern Rockies fills my senses. The air is crisp, the light is soft, young mallards strengthen their wings in flight and Canadian geese clamor in the grain fields along the river. All the animals are in their prime. Even the old barn cat has gained a pound or two and the saddle horses have grown a hint of their winter coat.

This is my favorite time of year in the Rocky Mountain West and it is the most rewarding time to be a landowner. The last cuttings of alfalfa are stacked, grain crops harvested and fall gathering begins in preparation for selling this year’s crop of calves. The results of expert land planning and good stewardship are reflected in the hay in the barn, grain in the bins and heavy fall weaning weights. Sound land management also benefits the wildlife and it is satisfying to see elk on the range and Ring-necked pheasants in the creek bottoms.

After farming and ranching in central Montana, B settled in the Bozeman area and guided fly fishermen on southwest Montana’s renowned waters for seven years.

After farming and ranching in central Montana, B settled in the Bozeman area and guided fly fishermen on southwest Montana’s renowned waters for seven years.

For the ranch owner who is also a sportsman, fall brings an almost overwhelming list of possibilities. You may elect to follow your favorite pointing dogs as they traverse the uplands in search of Hungarian partridge and Sharp-tail grouse. If you are an archer, nothing rivals the thrill of calling in a bull elk. Duck blinds beckon to the water fowl and if you have not gotten your fill of fly fishing, fall spawning Brown Trout have begun to brighten with color.

Instead, why not pack a lunch and spend the day on horseback, gathering cows from their summer range. Or climb in a combine and cut your own straight path across the rolling fields of grain.

B treasures the time spent with his family on their small ranch and home along the Madison River, where they raise hay and offer horse boarding and training.

B treasures the time spent with his family on their small ranch and home along the Madison River, where they raise hay and offer horse boarding and training.

Whatever your passion, this is the time of year when many of our favorite memories will be made. Friends and family will want to share in the fun. Children and Grandchildren will connect with the land, find grand adventure and grow in ways they never imagined. These moments will be remembered and passed on.

Land stewardship and family are the makings of a legacy. These are the most rewarding aspects of land ownership and now is the time to savor it all. So make the most of this time, share it with family and relish your successes. The memories will carry on.

B's lifelong recreational interests and professional background in ranching and the resort industries naturally led to a real estate focus in ranch and recreational properties.

B’s lifelong recreational interests and professional background in ranching and the resort industries naturally led to a real estate focus in ranch and recreational properties.

Hall and Hall Auctions Sells 1,328± acres Farmland near Kansas City, MO for $2.65 Million

We are pleased to announce that Hickory Cattle Company, 1,328± acres of farmland offered in six tracts and combinations ranging from 40± to 444± acres, was sold to one buyer for $2.65 million on Wednesday, September 10th. For more information, contact Scott Shuman of Hall and Hall Auctions at 800-829-8747 or visit http://hallhall.com/ranches-for-sale/properties/hickory-cattle-company.

Hickory Cattle Company6

“We had 27 registered bidders at the auction,” said Shuman. “It was a good day and we are pleased that one buyer purchased all six tracts together.”

Hickory Cattle Company4

The acreage includes 975± acres in intensive grazing paddocks and 50± acres planted to corn. Other improvements include shops, barns, working corrals, equipment sheds, a 3,400 foot FAA approved runway, and a 1,000 square foot cabin style home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Hickory Cattle Company2

The land has five wells used for the automatic stock tank watering system, three irrigation wells rated at 350 gpm used to supplement grazing and several ponds that can be used for livestock watering and wildlife proliferation.

Hickory Cattle Company1

The next Hall and Hall auction offers a rare opportunity to purchase 200 acres of lakefront property on Big Saint Germain Lake and Lake Content in St. Germain, Wisconsin. The secluded property offered in 23 lots and combinations shares a channel with Big Saint Germain Lake, which affords all the activities of a large lake including extensive water sports and trophy fishing. The majority of the lots are vacant and buildable, but several include charming cottages and other improvements. The auction is slated for Thursday, September 18th at 1 PM CST at the St. Germain Community Center. For more information,visit http://hallhall.com/ranches-for-sale/properties/eaglewatch.

Public Land Grazing Fee is a Bargain

By: Randy Shelton

The Bureau of Land Management manages livestock grazing on 155 million acres.  Ranchers throughout the West graze their livestock on these public lands for a fee. On lands administered by the USFS, the cost is $1.35 is per head. On BLM lands, the $1.35 grazing fee is charged for an “animal unit month (AUM),” defined as one month’s worth of grass for a cow and her calf, or five sheep or goats. In comparison, the State of Montana’s minimum lease rate is $9.94 per AUM, while private leases have skyrocketed in Montana to as much as $40.00 per AUM.

According to the BLM, the grazing fee is determined each year based on ranchers’ costs, beef prices, and the rates for comparable grazing fees on private lands. Included in those calculations is an assumption that your standard cow weighs in the neighborhood of 1,050 pounds. A cow that size is estimated to eat about 26 pounds of foliage a day, which works out to 780 pounds.

But cattle have actually increased substantially in size since that estimated standard cow was designated back in the 1980s. The average US bovine in 2013 weighed 1,333 pounds at slaughter, according to the federal government. That’s part of the reason private landowners, state governments, and even other federal agencies usually charge significantly more for grazing privileges on lands they manage.

Hall and Hall’s Third Creek Ranch in Montana offers 1,888 acres of deeded land along with 9,788 acres of BLM lease, for $1,900,000. For more information, contact Randy Shelton at rshelton@hallandhall.com.


Auction of Historic Northwoods Wisconsin Property

(Story appeared on WJFW TV)

Bidders will soon get the chance to own a piece of historic property in the Northwoods. Integrys, the parent company of Wisconsin Public Service, will sell its lakefront property in St. Germain.

“This property is so special and unique,” said Hall and Hall Auctions Auction Head Scott Shuman.

That property is the former corporate retreat of Wisconsin Public Service on Big St. Germain Lake and Lake Content in St. Germain. WPS bought the property in the 1950s. Employees and their families could stay at the Awassa Lodge which was built in the 1890s, for a fee until 2012. But as the company grew, fewer people were able to use the property.

“When we looked at it and understood the portion of the employees that were using, utilizing the property, and the cost associated with it, it was a decision made by our board of directors that now was the appropriate time to divest of [the property],” said Integrys Real Estate Services Manager Patti Van Den Elzen.

Earlier this week, Integrys sold more than 230 acres of off-water property to the Town of St. Germain. Later this month, 207 acres with 10,000 feet of lake frontage will go up for auction. It has been divided into 23 lots.

“The reason that we’re going with auction is we feel that we can not only sell it particularly as one property if we have that particular bidder. But it also gives an opportunity for many other people depending on what type of lots they want to purchase or to own, they can really achieve that by either bidding on one or a combination of two or three or potentially the whole property itself,” Van Den Elzen explained.

WPS did try to sell five, 10-acre lots back in 2008. They had bidders but decided not to sell.

“We did have bidders but at that point, based on what the economy was doing at that point, a decision was made that we didn’t feel it was the appropriate time to sell. It was in September, excuse me, October of 2008, and that’s when the stock market was falling,” said Van Den Elzen.

The lodge has never been up for sale and never open to the public. But now it is. Hall and Hall Auctions, the company that’s handling the auction, has hosted information days on the property.

“Our last meetings we had somewhere around 60 people attend,” Shuman said. “We’ve actually during about a six week process, we’ve allowed people to come in and look at the property.”

They hope that interest will bring many bids on September 18th. The auction will start at 1 p.m. at the St. Germain Community Center. Hall and Hall Auctions will host an information day Saturday, September 6th at the property.

It runs from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The property is located at 8372 Awassa Lane in St. Germain. You can find more information at the link below.